Celebrating Sophie Wilson's ARMs

Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson

Most of the computers on Earth have Intel Inside®, right?

Nope. Most smartphones, tablets, cars, refrigerators, gasoline pumps, and hundreds of other devices use some other brand of processor. The most popular of these brands is the ARM, short for its previous names of Advanced RISC Machine and Acorn RISC Machine. It's been used in computers since 1985, and its design has been kept cutting-edge ever since.

There are billions of ARM processors in use today, and we have Sophie Wilson to thank for it. Sophie designed the original ARM processor when she worked for Acorn Computers in the UK in 1983. This processor was used in the Acorn-built BBC Micro computer that was the centerpiece of the British Broadcasting Corporation's successful Computer Literacy Project.

Sophie was made a Commander of the British Empire in 2019. How many women can claim that? Check out her Wikipedia page for more on her accomplishments.

Sophie is also notable because she used to be Roger Wilson before 1994.

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