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100 The oldest living Strauss family member, Virginia Lubowiecki, will become a centenarian in December this year. Join the party online and wish her well. Details in early December.
What's the Strauss family connection to baseball and convertible furniture? Check out Barton Stadium
Joe Cannata as Elvis Is that Elvis on the streets of Leavenworth, Washington? No, it's Joe Cannata, grandson of Hattie (Hedwig) Strauss.

Read about the 59er Diner

John Love in Harrier Who is the highest ranking military person in the Strauss family? The answer is in the Gozelski family tree.
If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s, you might enjoy The Baby Boomer eMuseum. Try the trivia quiz while you're there. The museum was created by a high school buddy of mine. Ed

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