Sawicki  family  tree
Sawicki family tree


The driving force behind the creation of these family trees was Betty Jane “BJ” OʼLeary, daughter of Edward and Joanne Sawicki. BJ assembled the photos and other information about the family that made the task easier. She helped in the research and in the checking of facts.

Edward Sawicki Jr, son of Edward and Joanne Sawicki, did the research both online and phoning relatives. He created this website.

Virginia Lubowiecki, the present matriarch of the Lubowiecki family and oldest living Strauss, contributed her memories of many of the Strauss relatives.

Thanks to Dennis OʼRear, married to Linda Colgan OʼRear (daughter of Anthony and Edith Pogozelski, and granddaughter of Hedwig “Hattie” Strauss), for contributing the work he did in researching the Pogozelski family.


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