Sanders campaigns for Clinton

by Ed Sawicki - February 12, 2020

Sanders and Clinton

A common myth about the 2016 election season is that Bernie Sanders did not campaign for Hillary Clinton after she won the nomination - or did not campaign enough. It's repeated often on social media and sometimes implied by talking heads on the cable “news” networks. Here's an example of a statement taken verbatim from the website of an author of an anti-Sanders, anti-progressive book:

“Sanders did not make a single campaign appearance for Clinton until he spoke to a small group of students in New Hampshire in early September.”

This is a demonstrably false and deceptive statement for these reasons:

  1. Bernie Sanders campaigned with Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth, NH on July 12, before the New Hampshire appearance the author is referring to.
  2. The author's website does not mention that Sanders campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 39 other cities starting in September.
  3. The author tries to minimize the support Sanders gave Clinton by referring to a “small group of students”. The first of those 39 cities happened to be a high school in Lebanon, NH. There were far larger crowds in many or most of the other 38 cities.
  4. Sanders did far more campaigning for Clinton than Clinton did for Barack Obama in 2008.

Clinton thanked Sanders for his campaigning for her in this tweet in September.

Clinton tweet thanking Sanders

Clinton also thanked Sanders in this letter.

Clinton thanks Sanders for his appearances

Clinton thanked Sanders in her speeches.

Here's the schedule of all the cities where Bernie Sanders campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Many have links to press reports.

July 12Portsmouth, NH
September 5Lebanon, NH
September 17Kent, OH
September 17Akron, OH
September 28Durham, NH
October 4Minneapolis, MN
October 4Duluth, MN
October 5Des Moines, IA
October 5Madison, WI
October 5Green Bay, WI
October 6Dearborn, MI
October 6Ann Arbor, MI
October 6East Lansing, MI
October 6Grand Rapids, MI
October 7Keene, NH
October 7Nashua, NH
October 7Bangor, ME
October 8Scranton, PA
October 8Philadelphia, PA
October 16Denver, CO
October 17Fort Collins, CO
October 18Flagstaff, AZ
October 19Reno, NV
November 1Plymouth, NH
November 1Hanover, NH
November 1Portland, ME
November 2Kalamazoo, MI
November 2Traverse City, MI
November 2Milwaukee, WI
November 3Youngstown, OH
November 3Cincinnati, OH
November 3Raleigh, NC
November 4Iowa City, IA
November 4Cedar Falls, IA
November 4Davenport, IA
November 4Omaha, NE
November 5Ames, IA
November 5Colorado Springs, CO
November 6Phoenix, AZ
November 6Las Vegas, NV


Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Speeches - October 2016

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