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Fake and progresive future New York Times edition

‘Hank Hardy Unruh’ from the WTO discusses profiting from slavery and management leisure suit.

‘Granwyth Hulatberi’ of the WTO debates Barry Coates from World Development

Michael Moore talks about the scam of moving jobs to Mexico.

Presentation at SUNY Plattsburg from WTO discusses recycling food at McDonalds to third world countries.

Full Videos

"The Yes Men" comedy satire the W.T.O. World Trade Organization
August 2015, 1 hour, 22 minutes. Includes Michael Moore
The Yes Men Fix the World

October 2013, These hoaxes relate to the Union Carbide Bhopal disasterm, using humans as fuel, climate change, Halburton, Katrina, HUD, Ray Nagin. Goto 1:18:45 for the segment on the future (fake) New York Times with progressive stories.
How to become a yes man TEDxCalArts
September 2014,
Watch the Yes Men Impersonate Shell, Make 'Last Iceberg' Snow Cones

June 2015, 5 minutes - Hoax about climate change
The Yes Men's solution to California's drought: if you eat beef, don't wash
July 2015, 11 minutes - Hoax about the beef industry - how to save water by not showering and bathing together. The Skip Showers For Beef hoax website is still functional.
Edward Snowden and The Yes Men surprise crowd at Roskilde Festival
July 2016
Share the Safety? Yes Men Antics Reveal NRA Racism
February 2018, Here's the hoax website: Share The Safety

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