A Stitch in Time

by Ed Sawicki - December 1, 2019

Medicine calendar

I was recently diagnosed with a condition that my doctor said might be treated with drugs. If that failed, surgery would be necessary. In a sane world, I would try the drug treatment first. I'd choose surgery only if the drugs failed. But for-profit health insurance places an obstacle in my path - the calendar.

It's December. If I choose the drug treatment and it fails, the surgery next year would cost me a few thousand dollars. You see, I've met my deductible for this year, so a surgery this year costs me little. I must choose the surgery now because my health insurance deductible resets in the new year. With for-profit health insurance, the timing of our illnesses and treatments can be crucial.

I've been on the phone trying to find a surgeon who can perform the surgery in the next few weeks. December is a busy month for medical procedures. Lots of people are trying to get theirs in under the wire like I am. I wonder how many of them could have chosen a less expensive treatment if not for the calendar.

Let's eliminate the insanity of for-profit health insurance.

Medicare For All is the solution.

Thanks to Jo Ann Kaye-Petin for her help with this article.