Ed Sawicki resume

Lake Oswego, OR
E-mail: ed@alcpress.com

Work History


Systems Analyst
Probation and Pretrial Services
U.S. Courts

Managed migration to Linux-based servers, employee mobility using Apple iPhones and iPads, network infrastructure, computer-related purchasing, VoIP deployment, geographically-dispersed backup and archive strategies, simplication of numerous business processes through automation, aided in life support for Windows XP desktops, much more.

Developed an agency-wide In/Out/Employee Status application.


Tailored Computers, Portland, OR

Developed Linux-based sealed system technology, private Internet communities, and several other innovative technologies. Projects included managing a $70 million/year eCommerce site. Wrote extensive documentation for customer systems. Developing a policy-based system administration facility for Linux systems.


Accelerated Learning Center, Lake Oswego, OR

Computer training for IT professionals offering classes in Linux, Open Source Software, networking, NetWare, Windows, and Internet-related technologies. Distance learning and classroom instruction. Taught over 16,000 people in over 30 countries. Speaker at numerous industry events worldwide.


Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus
Mount Hood Community College

Taught classes on Linux, Unix, NetWare, Firewalls, Internet Security, Data Communications, Web Servers, and others. Taught to Cisco certification students.


Support Engineer
Long Island, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY; Wilsonville, OR

Worldwide support of data communications and network-based products. Developed code for product diagnostics in assembler. Developed a prototype for a data communications test set that resulted in company's 830-series of Data Comm testers. Proposed an analog signature analyzer/tester for troubleshooting analog circuits. Integrated Tek graphics terminals with IBM mainframes. Worked on commercial broadcast video equipment (NTSC, PAL, Secam).


Web Technologies
Solid understanding of HTTP, HTTP/SSL, Cookies, HTML, CSS, SSI, streaming protocols, etc. Deployed numerous Open Source Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, mginx, boa, lighttpd ("lighty"), and thttpd. Wrote book on Apache and HTTP. Developed dynamic content using CGI and embedded languages: Perl, PHP, Tcl, bourne shell, and Java tag libraries. Can hand-code content in HTML5 and CSS3 quickly and fluently. Experience with browser issues, such as IE's CSS issues. Developed numerous browser-agnostic Web sites that worked with IE, Firefox/Windows, Firefox/Linux, Firefox/Mac, and Safari. Deployed Web-based Wikis, Weblogs, and Instant Messaging servers. Developed Web sites that do image manipulation with ImageMagik.
Database Technologies
Designed and deployed databases on MySQL, PostgreSQL, Berkeley DB, SQLite, dBASE II/III, Btrieve. Fluent in SQL. Experience with avoiding the typical SQL injection attacks.
Authentication & Encryption
public/private key systems, X.500 certificates, certificate authorities, Web of Trust, Certificate Revocation Lists and related protocols, OpenSSL, GPG/PGP, symmetric encryption. Maintaining adequate entropy on Linux systems.
Networking technologies
Cutting-edge Ethernet variants and legacy ARCNET, Token-Ring, and various other lesser-known systems. IP/TCP/UDP and all the major application layer protocols. Routers and routing protocols, firewalls, NAT, persistent caches, Web caches, etc. Have worked with legacy protocols such as Novell's IPX/SPX/NCP and Microsoft's NETBIOS/SMB.
Operating Systems
Unix, Linux, NetWare, Windows 1.0 and up.
Linux distributions
Debian and many variants, such as Fedora Core, Mandrake, Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE, Turbo Linux, and Linux-based sealed systems.
VMware, Xen, UMLs
Open Source Software
Apache 1.3/2.0, BIND8/9, Boa, djbdns, Exim, GPG and PGP, Jabber, OpenLDAP, OpenVPN, Postfix, Samba, Snort, Squid, and much more.
LAN analysis
Uses tcpdump, Ethereal, and Sniffer. Understands most of the popular IP-based protocols.
Intel assembler, C, Perl, PHP, Bourne shell scripting. Some experience with APL, ruby, scheme, TCL.
NTSC and RS-170 video. Familiar with PAL and Secam. SMPTE time code
Electric Power
Working knowledge of electric power including motors/generators, uninterruptible power, 3-phase, power factor, inductive loads, surges, sags, spikes, etc. Worked with Dranetz equipment.
Worked with numerous radio systems. Strong interest in space-based communications, meteor burst communications, and more.

Recent Projects


Wrote over 20 books on computer technology over the last 20 years. Most recent books:

Guide to Apache ISBN 1-4188-3753-2
Advanced Linux Networking and Security ISBN 1-4188-3539-0
Lab Manual for Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification  ISBN 0-619-21620-4

Wrote hundreds of articles for magazines, newsletters, and user groups.


Electronics Engineering - RCA Institute, New York City
Numerous vendor training classes
Numerous industry certifications: