Chart of U.S. Political Party History

Political Party History

Civics courses and presentations given by Ed Sawicki that are geared to U.S. political parties include an interactive chart showing party history. There are a few versions of this chart depending on the specific topics. This describes the basic chart that is generally available to everyone.

The chart is interactive. All text and most areas of the screen are links to additional information. If you click or touch within an area that has a small black box in the lower right-hand corner, information will appear near the top of the screen in the orange area just below the party color key. If there is no black box, you'll be taken to another webpage—use your browser's back button to return to the chart.

Most links in the basic chart are to Wikipedia pages. The charts for more advanced courses and presentations link elsewhere.

The top of the chart is a color-coded key to the major political parties found in the chart. The number in the upper-left of an area indicates the number of the politician from the founding of the country-George Washington was the 1st president and Joe Biden is the 46th. The dagger symbol (†) indicates that the politician had died in office. Other symbols will likely be added in the future.

The chart should work with any browser that supports SVG graphics and will scale to any sized screen, but you may find smartphone screens to be too small.

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