Configuring Chrome

by Ed Sawicki


This page describes the most common configuration settings you're likely to want to make to your Chrome browser. These changes are done from the Settings screen. You get there by clicking this icon in the upper-right of the browser: hamburger icon

then choose the Settings item from the pulldown menu.

Text too small

If you find the text on browser pages too small to easily read, you can increase the size of all the text. Go to the Settings page. Go to the bottom of the page and click Show advanced settings.... Then scroll down until you see the Web content section.

Click the Page zoom: control and the list of zoom percentages should drop-down. Select a larger zoom percentage.

Chrome settings

Disabling Flash

From time to time, serious bugs are discovered in browser plugins. One recent example was June 14, 2016 when Adobe announced that Flash version and earlier versions could cause some computers to crash and allow an attacker to take control of the computer. The smart thing to do is disable Flash until the bug is fixed and your computer is running a fixed version. The first thing is to see if your version of Flash has the bug. Enter this into the Chrome omnibox (the address bar): chrome://plugins. You'll see this appear:

Displaying Chrome plugins

This shows that the Flash plugin is version, so it may not have the bug described above. But if it did or you're not sure, you can disable Flash by clicking the Disable link. Flash will be disabled and the screen will now look like this:

Displaying Chrome plugins

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