Chrome computers

by Ed Sawicki - 2012 - updated June 2016

I'm writing this using a notebook computer that cost $175 - new. The computer is called a Chromebook. The main reasons why I use it and you should consider using one also are:

  1. It is not vulnerable to viruses and malware like Windows. There are no virus scanners to buy or service calls to pay for.
  2. I don't ever have to update the software on my Chromebook. The updates are done automatically.
  3. All of the add-on software I use is free.
  4. I take it with me when I travel. If I lose it or break it, I'm only losing $175 - not $1299 - the cost of the least expensive new Apple Macbook Pro.
  5. It powers up in under 10 seconds. It powers down in under 5 seconds.

The Chromebook was designed by Google and is manufactured by other computer companies. This video is one way that Google describes the benefits of the Chromebook.

The above video points out that Chrome refers to two things:

  1. Chrome is a popular Web browser for computers that run Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Windows, and Linux.
  2. Chrome OS is an operating system that runs on computers that I call Chrome computers.

Here's a video that shows a little of what you'll see when you use a Chrome computer, such as a Chromebook.

When I first purchased my Chromebook, they were all notebook computers. Today, they take other forms as well. They are:

  1. Chromebox - This is a computer in a small box that you connect your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to. This is great if you want to replace your old (or virus-infected) desktop computer but don't want to lose your investment in your large screen monitor, ergonomic keyboard, and advanced mouse. This is similar to an Apple Mac mini but less expensive. Prices range from about $150 to $300.
  2. Chromebase - The computer is built-in to a monitor screen. You just add your favorite keyboard and mouse. This is similar to an Apple iMac but much less expensive. The possible downside of this is a failure of the internal computer or the monitor makes the other non-functional as well. Prices range from about $299 to $600.
  3. Chromebit - The computer is built-in to a tiny housing smaller than the size of a travel toothbrush case. It plugs in to your monitor (as long as it has a HDMI connector). You must have your own wireless keyboard and mouse that use Bluetooth. Price is about $85.

Since we now have four different type of Chrome-thingies, I call them Chrome computers. The types of Chrome computers are discussed in more detail on the Chrome Family page.

Chrome computer security

Chrome computers are one of the most secure computer systems you can own. If you do online banking or use your credit card to purchase products from online shopping sites, Chrome computers are one of the safest ways to do it.

The following videos describe how Chrome computers achieve their exceptional security.

This is a playlist of videos that discuss the security of the Chrome browser regardless of whether you're running it on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android, or a Chrome computer.

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