Chrome Apps

by Ed Sawicki

This page tells you about the essential and most useful apps for Chrome computers.


With Chrome computers you have various places to store your files. There's the flash memory storage built-in to every Chrome computer. Usually this is 16 GB of space that stores Chrome OS, system files, extensions, and apps. You can use what's left over.

There's also the space on external USB flash drives that you plug-in. Recently I purchased a 128 GB USB flash drive that I now use with my Chromebook, so I have plenty of space. There's also the Google Drive space that you have free access to when you buy a Chrome computer. You need some way to see the files that are stored in all these places. For this, there's the Files app that's included with Chrome OS.

Here's what Files looks like with a USB flash drive plugged-in. The flash drive is named HPv125w. The contents of the nasa folder is being displayed. It contains mostly photos so I set it to display thumbnail images instead of a file list.

Chrome files

Gmail Offline

Accessing Gmail works by having online access to Google email servers. It will not work if, say, you're on an airplane and haven't paid for the in-flight WiFi. The Gmail Offline app lets you work on your email without being connected to the Internet. In the case of being on an airplane, you'll be able to read the email messages that were received since the last time you were connected to the Internet.

You can respond to these messages and your responses will be stored until you're next connected to the Internet.

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